CPU Speed Adjustment?
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How do I tell if the CPUs on a Windows Server 2003 are having their clock rates changed by a power-saver scheme?

I know these are out there and they tend to be hardware-specific. Is there a way within Windows to detect it happening? Does it leave traces in any log file? Can you configure, perhaps, a performance log sensor?
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This should do the trick.
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Best answer: CPUz will show you the live voltages, multiplier, etc.

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Response by poster: Sadly, WCPUID does not work for me, on Win 2003 I get a message that the nrkctl32.sys is "NG!!"

and CPUz looks promising but I need a no-install option, I can run stuff on this server from a directory but installing is a no-no.
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I just tried running CPU-Z without installing it. It complained about missing a dll, but was able to tell me what my base clock speed was.

I bet if you copied that .dll from from an installed computer into that directory it would show everything else.
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