Help me find organizations to help without volunteering or giving money! (However, body parts and signatures are fine)
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What databases can I join to help people/the environment/whatever else needs saving at no cost to me?

I just joined the bone marrow transplant database and I'm wondering if there is anything else like it I could join to help save people. I would have never thought of joining it until I read that question about bone marrow and leukemia. I don't have tons of money to donate or anything, but body parts are a-okay as long as I don't need them.

So, what else should I join? How beneficial is it to donate blood? I'm kinda scared of needles so I'm not exactly good at donating blood (because I get panicky and my veins pop into my skin and my blood leaves my extremities) but I've never really tried.

I want to save lives, help people. Anything that doesn't require a giant time commitment or whatever (I understand donating marrow is a time commitment but it's more of a one time thing.. I don't really have the time to help the Red Cross every day right now).

I also want to help the environment and all sorts of liberal hippie things like that. So links to that type of thing would be great too. Petitions to sign for gay marriage advocacy? Bring them to me! Anything like that. I just want to do some good.

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I think Habitat for Humanity can be a one-time, one-weekend thing, or an ongoing commitment, if you have a weekend to donate.
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Join a local volunteer group.
They usually have a lot of one-time volunteer need.

I belong to one here which is basically helping out with special events.

In Boston, I belonged to one where the organization would send out a request list for disabled/elderly people that needed help with something (writing a letter, going to a doctor appointment).

Check for ideas as well.
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Give blood donation a try. I *love* giving blood. It's not any kind of love of needles, but I get satisfaction from knowing that out there, my blood is doing its thing and actively helping save people's lives. My local children's hospital has free parking and evening hours, so not only do I help save kids, but it's extra convenient to do so.
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Go you for registering!

I'm not great at donating blood, either, but I've gotten better at it over time, mostly because I've relaxed with repetition. You can only do it every 8 weeks, or longer if you donate double red blood cells. I used to donate platelets (having known someone with cancer) but that took longer and was more problematic (my awesome platelets kept clogging up the needles). So I say it's worthwhile to give blood donation a try.

There are frequent beach/stream/river cleanups near me in the Spring. It's usually only a few hours commitment, and can feel like making a big difference.
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Please donate blood. Just once for me would be good. Lots of people who would like to are refused (for reasons I'm not really competent to debate).
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