I need to get up to speed on European finance.
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I need to get up to speed on European finance.

What are the best reads for understanding European Union finance, including how the EU Central Bank works and what issues are paramount these days?

Answers could include websites that offer a quick-triage approach or a comprehensive look at things day by day, or books that give a broader approach. Or blogs with alternative voices/perspectives.

This is for someone who is not biz-illiterate, but far from expert.
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You've seen mutant's profile, yes? If there isn't something to help you there--and there likely will be--then apparently the man himself is very happy to answer questions from other MeFites...
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I assume English only? And by finance I assume Macro issues more than markets?
Fistful of Euros
Sundry other Economist/FT blogs. On a day to day basis those two do a reasonable job of discussing the EU. FtAlphaville for breaking central bank issues especially
Also the German papers usually have English language sections on-line. The French less so.
Spain centric stuff at Ibex Salad (counterpoint to FoE as well) and Qorreo.
Barry Eichengreen's "The European Economy since 1945: Coordinated Capitalism and Beyond" is essential and at a level the biz-literate but not expert can grasp.
Tony Judt's Postwar is not about economics per se but I think is hugely worthwhile for understanding how things got to where they are.
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