New York at Short Notice
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Last minute trip to New York, and need somewhere good-value and well-connect to stay.

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can give some good suggestions on good-value places to stay in New York (City) at rather short notice.

-Available: September 4th - September 14th
-Occupancy: For 2 people
-Board: Room only is fine
-Location: Somewhere touristy or with good transport links to the touristy places.

Asking for a friend- if you need further info I can ask.

Thanks in advance.
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I can't offer a specific location recommendation, but you might want to check out

I just used it this past weekend in Chicago, and I was very pleased.
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Response by poster: Thanks studioaudience.

And I just thought, I've put dates but I'm not expecting people to be phoning up and check availabilty themselves (which would be well cheeky). It is merely to indicate how soon the trip is i.e. if you know somewhere good, but it's always sold out two weeks in advance it's no good this time.
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I've used Manhattan Centre hotel and was very pleased--reasonably priced and literally across the street from Rockefeller Center.
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Have you looked at top rated B&B's in New York on TripAdvisor?
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I have always been able to book Hotel Metro with just a couple days notice. Touristy location, great value for the really nice rooms, bedbug free according to the bedbug registry.
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I recently stayed at the Wingate on 35th between 7th and 8th Ave for $150/night via Hotwire. Hotel was relatively new, very clean and within 1-2 blocks of about a dozen different subway lines. It was perfect.
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"Good value" and "New York" seldom go hand in hand -- it would be helpful it you posted some info about how much you're willing to spend.
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I'm a total fan of The Jane Hotel. It is four blocks away from the subway and in a residential West Village neighborhood. But for the price and unique NYC ambience, it can't be beat.
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Craigslist vacation rentals are always an option.
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Dream Ny is available. Its on 55th street between broadway and 7th. They have reservations available and its $411. They have an awesome rooftop bar . I have stayed here before and Thougth it wasgreat. great rooms and in the middle of everything . You can see the times square lights from the hotel. Its also not that far from central park. If you pick the right reservation you get a free breakfast at the serafina restaurant which is on the ground floor of the hotel.
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oh I forgot the website is you can make reservations online.
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A less-glamorous option I booked cheaply recently on short notice (i.e. 12 hours before I checked in) was Jersey City. The Newport area had the usual chains, for non-NYC prices. PATH trains run reasonably frequently to the Empire State Building and the Burlington Coat Factory/Ground Zero area. Service does fall off after midnight, especially on weekends, so it's better for the museum crowd, rather than club kids.

And, of course, is always a good place to check.
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If you want to stay in Williamsburg Brooklyn, I know a "Bed & NO Breakfast" for $75 a night. MeMail me if you're interested.
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If by "good value" you mean "as cheap as possible in Manhattan without putting my health at risk," I'd recommend the Larchmont Hotel on W. 11th in Greenwich Village.

It's my default bargain-basement Manhattan hotel: fantastic location on a very quiet residential street in the heart of everything, a block and a half from a subway station. The rooms are exceedingly tiny and w/o bath, but they're clean and the clientele is mainly middle-class European tourists. If all you need is a place to lay your head for $150 or less, it's a solid option.

For longer stays, I've also had pretty good luck with's Brooklyn listings.
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Response by poster: Ooops, I forgot to drop back in and thank you all very much for your help.

Thanks guys.
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