Wedding invite font?
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Quick font question. Can anyone point me to a (free) font like the small caps one used in the (humourous) wedding invite here? Thanks.
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Scriptoria Small Caps. (I have this font on my own computer, do not recall which site I got it from, and cannot actually vouch for this specific site - it's just the first one I found on Google that showed a preview of the font's appearance.)
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Tymes Little Caps, maybe?
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We used Mrs Eaves petite caps on ours. Very nice font for serious and humorous invites alike.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all. That should be plenty to work with.
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Hoefler Small Caps! Ships with most Macs. It's my favorite so I couldn’t resist adding my belated vote.
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But whatever you do, don't use crappy/free type on something as important as a wedding invitation!
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"Crappy" and "free" are not interchangeable terms, luriete; there are plenty of talented foundries who offer some fonts which are free without being crappy at all.
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