Medicine-related deep-house track ID, plz
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TrackIdFilter: I've been trying in vain to ID this deep house track that features the following lyrics: "There ain't no pill that can fill this need" and "Somebody call the doctor" (there's more to it, but this is what I can remember). It was played at Panorama Bar, Berghain, by Kiki at around 11am or so last Sunday morning.

note: I've googled and searched with nearly every combination and alternate spelling of these lyric fragments that I could imagine. Y'all are welcome to try, too, but I'm hoping that a house geek out there will remember this trackā€¦
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I can't listen to music at work, but chances are if it's new and at all good, it's going to be in the top 100 deep house tracks on Beatport.
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I don't know the answer, but if you don't mind a "meta-answer" instead, I might recommend asking the folks at Resident Advisor. Berghain being all cutting-edge I'd imagine there's a fair chance it's not released yet in which case discogs et al wouldn't know about it.
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Response by poster: *found it*!!

It was actually one of Kiki's own releases, Good Voodoo. I was misled by the title, the words of which don't appear all that often in the version that he played this weekend (I think it was the Visionquest remix). In any case, yay!

I found it, btw, on a hunch that it was his own track (because someone next to me on the dancefloor made a comment about it being "about time that he plays his own stuff). I pulled up his profile on and listened to all 10 of his top downloads.
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Response by poster: Thanks to you two for the help, btw! The track isn't all that recent (i.e. more than 1 year old, *gasp*), so it was nowhere to be seen on the top 100 lists, alas.
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