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What are some blogs/posts/videos that deconstruct the production of specific songs?

I love listening to and creating music, but I don't have a great deconstructive ear. I'll often hear a cool part of a song and wonder, "is that a guitar or a synth sound or a sample or huh? how did they do that?" Does anyone know of any resources online that take a song apart and examine how it was made? I'm less interested here in structural/songwriting aspects than in sound-creating aspects. I'm a technical idiot and anything that lays things out in kindergartener terms is great. Contemporary music preferred. Videos, articles, anything is all good. Thanks!
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The music videos of Pomplamoose could be interesting for you; they film themselves as they create various sounds in their songs, and those recordings combine to constitute the grander music video.
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Check out the free Tape Op magazine and their forums.
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It'll cost money, but Look at Amazon for DVD's under "Classic Albums:" for older stuff -- VH-1 produced a series that does exactly this with Dark Side of the Moon, Fleetwood mac Rumors, Steely Dan's Aja and about 10 more.
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Here is the "making of" the songs on Queen's A Night at the Opera album. (This is part one, you'll see links to the other parts on the YouTube page.)
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Seconding Devils Rancher's recommendation. The "Classic Albums" series is the most detailed thing I've ever seen.
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Sound on Sound have a "Classic Tracks" column in most/all(?) issues of the last x years. For example, Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’.
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Someone made an awesome blog post like this deconstructing Beyonce's Single Ladies. I'll look for it.
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Here is a video with Timberland and Busta Rhymes coming up with a beat. I love this clip because Busta is just playing around with Timbo's beats and the look on Busta's face when they find the one is priceless!
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Search youtube for ableton live remake. There are a few videos where songs are reconstructed in the ableton live software
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