Cathy comic involving dishwasher
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Where can I find a list of Cathy comic strips involving her, Irving and the dishwasher?

I won't go into the bizarre reasons for asking, but I'd like to pull up all the Cathy comics that show (married) Cathy and Irving arguing over the dishwasher. If it is possible to be really specific, it would probably involve arguing over how to load it, circa 2004-2008, most likely around 2005/6. Thanks.
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This is the only Cathy strip on GoComics tagged with "dishwasher." It's from 2005 and features her and Irving, but they don't argue (or even talk).
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Response by poster: Thanks, Rhaomi. If anyone can even anecdotally remember such a strip, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
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Half of me wants to see this answered. The other half fears that when it is, dialogue from my life will appear to be replicated in a Cathy strip, which for me is the equivalent of having Freddy start stalking me across AskMeFi.
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I remember a strip like that, but it was in Zits arguing, not a Cathy cartoon. Is it possible you misremembered the comic strip?

The height of the argument was Jeremy's parents yelling, "tines up!" and "tines down!"
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Best answer: I have AutoPager installed for Chrome and it loaded a bunch of the earlier strips under Rhaomi's link. The week before (Nov. 7-10) has a number of dishwasher strips.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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