How can I get my stuff from Ontario to BC without flying back myself?
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What are my options for shipping my stuff from Ontario to Vancouver?

Hey folks,

I got a summer job in BC which has expanded into a full-time gig for the year. The problem though, is it doesn't have any sort of break which would allow me to return to Ontario to pack up my apartment and bring over a few of my things. (things like my cat, computer, guitar etc)

I'm looking around at my options for having my stuff shipped over, but I haven't really seen anything good yet. I would very much prefer to have my things over here rather than impose on my friends/family to pack them up and put them in storage for me, and I definitely want my cat.

I'm on a budget as well, which is why I don't think I could afford to fly over there and back to pick up anything, even if I had the time.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks kindly!
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Get someone to pack it securely and ship using Greyhound Courier Express?
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In the US, amtrak ships boxes and it is usually pretty economical. Maybe something like that exists on its canadian counterpart. VIA Rail seems to ship small packages, try CP Rail?
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When moving across Canada we shipped boxes with Greyhound and it worked great. Door to door service. Not sure I would send my cat with them though.
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Nthing Greyhound courier for things like boxes and your guitar - I've had things shipped via Greyhound and it worked really well, faster than hiring a moving company and cheaper. However, they do not transport pets. You'll probably have to fly your cat over - Air Canada allows unaccompanied pets on their flights, though. There's an FAQ about that service here.
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