Stop me if I'm making a viewing mistake!
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Red Riding Trilogy Viewing Filter: Only parts 2 and 3 are available for instant viewing on Netflix, and I am tempted to watch them tonight before viewing part 1. Am I making a mistake, or is it okay to pick up a third of the way through and just watch part 1 when it's released?
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Best answer: I have not seen the films, but I have read the books. After reading them, I would not recommend viewing the films out of order. Netflix says Part 1 is coming to Instant Viewing soon. Why not wait?
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Best answer: They are difficult to follow, even if you don't skip the part that shows the events whose consequences run through the series. I would certainly wait for a chance to see part 1.
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Response by poster: Okay, my question is answered: I will wait! Damn being necessary, yet so annoying. Thanks, all!
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As a side note: OMG the books were soooo good.
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Response by poster: Govtdrone, you've convinced me to get the first part tonight on Kindle...
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I watched the series when it was first broadcast in the UK, read the books and I'm currently re-watching it (will most likely watch the 3 part tonight).

As others have said, whilst each part stands alone there's plots that run though the whole series and the later parts refer back to and spoiler the earlier parts. I would definitely watch them in order, over a short time period if possible. I'm getting a lot more out of them having read the books but it's certainly not essential.

Peace writes in a very intense hard-boiled style, so he may not be for everyone and I think he was still finding he feet here. I've found his later stuff to actually be better, especially Dammed United.
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