How to make your own Bank Note?
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What are those cool swirly whirly patterns called on the back of playing cards and on Bank Notes? I want to create some, how do I go about finding how these are made? Is there source materials/tutorials for vector programs to get started?

I've searched everywhere on the web and can't find how to make your own back of playing card patterns or designing your own banknote!
I'd use an vector app like illustrator but I'd prefer to use the open source ink scape.
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Maybe this doesn't have anything to do with playing cards or banknotes, but in architecture and sometimes elsewhere they're called arabesques.
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or filigree
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Here's a tutorial for Illustrator that will let you do the series of lines in succession similar to filling space on banknotes.
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You may also be interested in printer's ornaments.
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Guilloché patterns.
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Best answer: Guilloché. There are even apps specifically made to create them.
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Wow, this is great stuff. Thanks!
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I worked for a banknote printing organisation, and the term was sines or sine waves. On a banknote they are forgery detection devices, and are calculated precisely. Each different design has a name - and I'm probably getting into breaking official secrets act, three I remember were: butterfly, catastrophe and sinesine
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Bezier Curve
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Part of the fascination of these complex whirls are the resultant Moiré patterns that result.
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