Codeshares + baggage fees = confusing!
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How are excess-baggage fees handled on this itinerary?

I'm getting ready to purchase tickets back to the U.S., but the itinerary is a bit complex and I'm wondering what baggage fees would apply. For what it's worth, I found the tickets through, so I didn't purchase them directly from either airline.

The itinerary I'm considering is:

Seoul->KIX via ANA (codeshare - operated by Asiana)
KIX->SFO via ANA (codeshare - operated by United)
SFO->MCI via United

I'm pretty sure my baggage will be checked all the way to MCI when I check in at the Asiana counter at Incheon, but I'm moving back to the U.S. so I'll be bringing three checked bags and need to factor in excess-baggage fees.

So, since I have to get boarding passes for United at Kansai, can I get hit up for the excess-baggage fee twice? I always found these codeshare arrangements confusing, and this particular itinerary is a bit more complex than I'm used to. And yes I checked the Asiana, ANA, and United websites but couldn't find anything relevant to codeshares.
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Here's a handy guide by Expedia that shows baggage fees for major airlines.
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Is your itinerary one single itinerary booked via a single record locator / airline confirm number? If so (and as you assume you will check your bags all the way to MCI when you start your journey), you should be hit up for an excess-baggage fee at the time of your check in, and that's it.

You will have to pick up your bags in SFO to clear customs in the US, but IIRC as long as you're not starting a new itinerary, you're not assessed bag fees when you re-check your bags for the domestic legs.
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You really need to ask the airlines about this. But in my experience the bags always arrive with the tags that they left with - ie, when the luggage is transferred to a new plane, the new operating airline doesn't retag the baggage. That suggests to me that it is unlikely for them to charge you again.
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You should really call United, since they're the odd one out. But in my experience, you are only charged the bag fees when you check in. You MIGHT have an issue when you clear customs in SFO if you have to check in at the domestic counter with your baggage. Since you're coming in to SFO as an International flight and going out as a Domestic flight, there might be some issues there. I ran into this before but it was before the days of bag fees.

I'd call United. But be prepared to get dinged twice, as the answer you get on the phone might be different than the answer you get at the ticket counter. :/
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