Hotel recommendations near Berryville, VA?
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Hotel recommendations near Berryville, VA?

We're going to a wedding in Berryville, Va in early October. There are several of us traveling down from Boston and we're unfamiliar with the area. We're looking for three rooms for two nights, under $100/night if possible but willing to consider any highly recommended places. Any recommendations for clean, comfy hotels in the Berryville (Leesburg or Winchester?) area? Extra points for walking distance to a decent bar. Also, any recommendations for bars / restaurants in the area are greatly appreciated.
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Some new hotels/motels in Charles Town, West Virginia which is 10 miles from Berryville. A new one at the Casino in Charles Town (Charles Town Inn is the name, I think). Another new one of the Holiday Inn Express chain is near the Casino also.

Winchester, Virginia has nearly every chain hotel/motel you can think of. Do a google for some names.
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Berryville is really small. There is really only a few places to stay at IN Berryville. I've been to the Battletown Inn and to the Lost Dog.
They are nice bed and breakfast places. The lost dog is smaller and a bit more expensive.

Charles Town is only 15 miles away and you'll have a full selection of all the typical chains. Night life will be a bit better but you aren't really going to be walking for bar hopping. Everything in that area is basically straight off the highway.
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Berryville isn't super close to Leesburg (maybe 1/2 hour). Were you looking there for a specific reason?? Leesburg is a great little town (I lived there for 9 years) but I wouldn't say there's a real huge bar scene or anything. I can recommend Tuscarora Mill (Tuskie's) for great food. They actually have a nice bar, too. Magnolia's at the Mill in Purcellville is good, too and a little closer to Berryville. Leesburg has lots of chain hotels and a nice outlet mall if you're into that.

Have a nice trip!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far, especially the restaurant tips! To clarify, we aren't interested in bar-hopping at all, and casinos aren't our thing. Just looking for a place to have a drink after we get to town on Friday night (so we aren't hanging out in our rooms). 
We are completely unfamiliar with the area, and Leesburg was suggested elsewhere as a possible place to stay. If there are other towns or cities to stay in that are closer to Berryville we'd love to hear about them.
I have googled and found chain hotels, but was interested in hearing any firsthand recommendations for a non-chain hotel that might be easily overlooked, a hotel in an area with good food or a nice bar nearby, or which chain might be nicer (quality within a chain can vary).
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The George Washington Hotel in Winchester (15 minutes away) is a recently renovated historic building. It is owned by Wyndham hotels. There is a nice bar inside of the hotel, but a better place to grab a drink is the Piccadilly Brew Pub right next door. The Brew Pub also has delicious wings.
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