Can anyone help me find a good apartment near Aberdeen, MD?
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Can anyone help me find a good apartment near Aberdeen, MD?

I'm being relocated by my employer to work near Aberdeen,MD and I could use some help finding a nice apartment. I have looked around a little in Bel Air, but it's tough to tell how good a complex is just by visiting once or twice.

I'm looking for a one or two bedroom, with good parking, and a washer/dryer in unit. I'm pretty flexible on price, but I'd like to stay below 1,200 a month. Mostly, I'd just like to find someplace that is quiet, safe, and not falling apart.

Can anyone give some advice on good apartment complexes in the area?
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I'll PM you the name of my apartment complex in Bel Air; for obvious reasons I don't want to post it out in the open. I have a 2 bed/1 bath, $1k/month, washer/dryer in unit, not falling apart, safe, quiet. Parking is not awesome, but that's because people seem to have a lot of cars. If you get back late at night, you will probably have to park like 50 yards away from your unit. That's pretty much the only downside. Otherwise the management is very professional and the maintenance guys are helpful.
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Unfortunately there's not a lot of good apartments in Aberdeen. It's mostly single family homes and the apartments tend to be sort of rough around the edges, Section 8 stuff. A complex is Bel Air or Riverside is probably your best bet. Alternatively, you might be able to rent a house in Aberdeen for less than $1200.

I grew up there, but don't live there now. I'll ask some of the people I know for recommendations.
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