The Coolest Bed
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Help me have the coolest (as in temperature), breathable bed.

What types of fabrics and materials con I use in my bed to ensure a sweat-free night? I don't always have access to an air conditioner and if I use fan I sometimes end up with a very dry throat, so I am looking to change the linens, pillows or whatever is necessary to get a better sleep.
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I asked a similar question recently and got some good answers. I ended up getting the ones at BedBathBeyond but don't have any anecdata to add yet (giving them as a bday gift next weekend).
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Here in Houston, we resort to sleeping with sheets only. Cotton, the highest thread count we can afford. In lieu of a blanket, we just take the duvet out of our duvet cover and just sleep with the cover. Just enough weight to give a blanket feel.

Another thing if you want a cool crisp bed: Cheryl Mendelson's Home Comforts recommends "airing out" your bed by pulling the covers down and exposing the fitted sheet for a while. Allows the sweat and the oils from your body to evaporate and your sheets to dry better.
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Make sure your sheets are breathable, also your mattress cover. Put a fan in the room (bonus, the white noise can be very soothing as you fall asleep) and try getting a Chillow.
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A ceiling fan is the key.
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Cotton, cotton, and more cotton. Stay away from foam -- in my experience it warms up with your body and stays warm (this goes for both pillows and mattress covers).

Don't make your bed the de facto hangout spot, laying in bed reading or watching TV before sleep. That warms everything up too.

Have you considered a dehumidifier in lieu of a fan? If you live in a place with high humidity it makes a room considerably more comfortable.
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I haven't tried the Bed Fan, but it calls to me - sounds like it would feel heavenly!
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I hate being hot at night. We have a natural latex mattress pad topped with cotton, wool, and lyocell. Wool seems counter intuitive to many people, but it wicks away moisture and helps regulate body temperature.
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Comfort Select, the makers of the sleep number bed, have sheets and other bedding made out of a material they call "In Balance" (website isn't loading for me at the moment for some reason). Basically it keeps your bed cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It is magic.

We don't have the sheets & pillowcases yet (YET!), but we bought a layer of the material to go between the sheets and the mattress pad* and it makes a huge difference. The bed just doesn't get as warm and if you move, the spot that was vacated quickly cools down to "no one has been on this bed for hours" level. You can go into the store and feel up the material if you want to try it out. It's a little pricey but totally worth it.

*You totally do not need to have a sleep number bed to use this. We have one, but the layer has big elastic straps that will hook around any mattress. Same with the mattress pad & sheets.
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