Innocent or sinister?
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What did I see happening at 2am in Cuernavaca last night?

Last night I took a cab home from a wedding party with three other people. While driving down a road in a residential community (though not gated), I saw a group of people walking up the hill on the unlit sidewalk, which was slightly separated from the road with grass and a line of palm trees. There were four people all in red shirts, possibly with black hats or blindfolds on, all with their heads down and their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. There was another man in front of them leading them up the hill, walking backwards with a large black thing in his hands. The black thing looked like a video camera, although it was very dark. He may have also had a red shirt.

Only me and the woman in the front seat of the car saw this. The cab driver speculated a cult or sect, and seemed to be saying that lately there has been a lot of people getting involved in strange cults and sects recently in Cuernavaca. But then he started to tell all sorts of ghost-stories, so I don't really think he knew what he was talking about. Possibly relevant: three days ago the Cartel de Sierra left three messages around the city and tried to burn a house down. The messages were threatening a 19 year old kid and his friends who they said had betrayed them and done a lot of terrible things.

Any ideas as to what it was that we saw? Innocent or sinister?
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I'm completely unfamiliar with your area, but if that happened around here I'd suspect film or art students working on a project.
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Well, there's a team-building exercise called Trust Walk in which one sighted person can lead a whole bunch of blindfolded people around, using the hands on shoulders as the only form of communication. It's the kind of thing practiced at camps, churches, youth groups - so it might have been an activity like that. The guy walking backward could have been videoing it, I guess. Just a possibility.
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The "blind leading the blind" scene you describe is definitely an initiation rite or ceremony that isn't uncommon for either gangs or religious sects. What's weird about this is that the region where this happened isn't know for either kind of activity.

If you're still curious, I would see if that particular day has any kind of religious or regional significance...a day to honor a Saint or regional hero or something.
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moons in june - that would also be my first guess, except some of the people were older, and it seemed distinctly non-arty.

Miko, that sounds very likely to me. I am not certain it was a video camera, just a my first guess. Although I find 2am on Saturday kind of a strange time to be doing that. Cuernavaca can be quite dangerous at night, so that seems like an extra level of trust.

snsranch, I will look into the significance of that day. Also checking the local news.
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It's the Santa Muerte death cult. Her day of worship is on August 15th (or November 1st). Red is also an associated colour with the cult.
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oh man thanks olly!
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