Kitty Hookers!
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Please tell me that the book described below actually exists, and is not a hallucination resulting from my troubled childhood.

When I was far too young to read about such things, but the adults were too busy to care what I was reading, as long as I was quietly occupying myself, I read a book about cat prostitutes.

The details are sketchy:
-I believe it may have been set in the southwest.
-The story, told by various spayed neighborhood ladycats, involved these fixed ladycats having relations with the area toms in exchange for gifts of foods, I think.
-The fertile ladycats hated them for being strumpets.
-The cats would creepily watch their owners having sex and lament their own inability to do it face-to-face.

Please. PLEASE. Tell me I didn't come up with this plot. Surely someone else has read this? If not, I'll need to bring this up with my therapist next week.
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Best answer: Cat House. I own it and love it.

The sequel is Catmount and follows the big mountain lion.
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Best answer: Here are the Amazon links.

Catamount was not as good, but it was kinda cool to see what Laura (the human girlfriend/reporter) in the first one was up to when she moved.
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Response by poster: Oh my dear sweet lord, I have been searching for you for at least 15 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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spunweb totally has it, I would recommend bringing it up with your therapist anyhow, its really not an ok book for kids
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Response by poster: Spunweb, I wish you could see how excited (in a completely non-pervy way) I am to have this question answered. Thanks for the Amazon links, I've periodically searched it for years without luck, and as soon as I saw the cover I actually squeaked.

Blasdelb...yeah. From what I recall, there were lots of those. Ha.
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Blasdelb has it all wrong! Everything I learned about marketing I learned from kitty hookers. :)

Glad to help!
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If this is off topic and wrong, feel free to nuke the question mods, but I have to know, Is this worth reading as an adult?
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I would say so -- it's not great literature by any stretch of the imagination, but Mahri and Halina stuck with me for a while. They're two of the cats.

The astute reader will notice the author has some feelings about human women, and that's a little annoying now. But, y'know, cats, talking falcons, and jovial talking mountain lions.
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