So who's been to The Refuge?
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I'm looking for information about a music venue called The Refuge in Cupertino, CA. Has anyone heard of it?

A band I like is going on tour and one of their tour stops is listed as The Refuge in Cupertino, CA. I've never heard of this place and they seem to have no web presence whatsoever, though I did manage to find an address here.

My question is, has anyone ever been to this place, heard of it, or know anything about it? Based on Google StreetView, it seems that it shares its location with/is a church. So is this an actual music venue or a back room that a local band occasionally uses to play a show? Do they have a box office?

I'm just mystified because I can't find any information about this place online. Any information would be appreciated.
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Good Samaritan United Methodist Church
19624 Homestead Road - Cupertino, CA 95014 -

Give them a call.
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I can go by to check it out tomorrow when I go to work. I've driven by it many times and it just looks like a normal church to me.
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I don't know it (nowhere near there) but this felt like a good web challenge, so:

Here's a band playing The Refuge. It looks like a church building to me -- at least not like a club.

This band writeup confirms that The Refuge is part of the church complex and not just sharing an address, and from the line about local groups renting out the space it sounds like the back room thing rather than the venue thing.

Youtube has some other gigs people recorded there too. This video in particular captures the back-roominess of the space nicely, I think.
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The address is a indeed a church. I drove by it tonight. It's an odd place for a venue, being surrounded on three sides by a residential neighborhood. The Church's website doesn't say anything about shows, though perhaps they lease space out on weekends but keep quiet about it. If it's a real venue, it's gotta be fairly small.
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I live nearby. It's a church next to a mall. He can get some good chinese or korean food in the mall but otherwise I'm not sure there's much to tell. It's a normal suburban neighborhood, not a downtown or industrial district.
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