staying in a quirky place with all of my friends?
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What cool places (that can occupy 15-30+ people) can I rent in the United States or Canada (similar to Shady Dell)?

In the continental 48 (or Canada near the border), and preferably in the same price range as Shady Dell. I've seen other fun places like the Big Bay Lighthouse and the Red Caboose Motel, but I want to find more!

Do you have any recommendations? The quirkier the better!
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Kate's Lazy Meadow?
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El Cosmico? Shady Dell doesn't make checking rates easy, so I'm not sure how it compares. I haven't been, but my friends seemed to like it.
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No, seriously, that area is fantastic, and I can't tell if you're saying you've been there before, but it's highly recommended. I have never rented the lighthouse itself, but the region spectacular. (I lived in Big Bay part-time for seven years.)

If you were several millions richer, you could rent Granot Loma. But I suspect that's out of the budget.

I know people who've rented small vineyards in Virginia for about that number of people/price. I wish I could remember the name of the vineyard just now, but I'm sure many small vineyards do similar things. You could also rent a guesthouse or part of the shared housing in New Harmony, IN. (It's a former colony for a Shaker-type religious community.)
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Thanks to AskMe, I slept in a caboose in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia. They have several. They are a little spendy but it was a fun destination. It is not, unfortunately, near the border, but just in case you're up for a drive.
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It's slightly less quirky, but the Banff Hi-Alpine Hostel in Banff National Park in Calgary is AMAZING, and they host big groups. It's a seriously beautiful, friendly, clean, well-equipped hostel (they have everything from shared rooms to cabins), and Banff is one of the most awe-inspiring places I've been.
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p.s. The prices are incredibly reasonable.
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Wigwam Motel
A variety of tree house B&B's though there are definitely others
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I just came back from a weekend like this with all of my friends, and it was spectacular. While I'm not giving up the goods on our particular secret spot, I will point you to VRBO's list of properties that sleep 30+ people.
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The Sou'Wester lodge is slightly funky, slighty musty, and slightly bohemia world traveller-ish with a "web 1.0" website. Here are some pics on flickr.
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