What's a good DC metro station to test-ride a bike at?
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DCFilter: I'm in DC, trying to buy a bike from someone on Craigslist. He's in VA. What's a good Metro station to meet at so I can test-ride the bike? While we're at it -- what are some things to be wary of when buying a used bike?
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Where is he at? If it doesn't matter, Rosslyn, as it is the closest to DC on the Orange line. Otherwise, Crystal City has a lot of area to ride around in.
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He's in Annandale, FWIW.
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Little bit farther out, but East Falls Church is near a bike trail and residential areas nearby and has a parking lot.
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what are some things to be wary of when buying a used bike?

Here are a couple of previous questions along those lines.
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Rosslyn has easy access to both the Mt. Vernon and the Custis trails. Ballston will easily get you on the Custis trail, as well.
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East Falls Church has a decent kiss and ride space where you can ride around. It's also closer to the bike trail than Ballston or Rosslyn. If you're going to be on the Orange line, definitely go to East Falls Church.
While you're test riding, you should make sure the bike can shift through every gear. Also you should test the brakes on a fairly hard stop. Look at the chain to make sure it isn't stiff or rusty and check that the teeth on the sprockets are pointy.
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