Moving AT&T internet service
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I'm moving to a new apartment at the end of the month, and need to move my AT&T U-Verse High Speed Internet Pro service. Their website is very confusing.

I already have a wireless router. When I go through the process of initiating service at the new address, it says I need to purchase a new router for $100. Is this true?

Is there any easier way to transfer service? If I call their customer support line, is that easier than doing the process online?

Advice from other people who have moved residential AT&T high speed internet (no local phone line) is much appreciated. I live in Chicago.

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AT&T's website is maddening. When I moved service a few years ago we upgraded to U-Verse so it wasn't the same exact situation as you, but I would definitely call them (perhaps more than once if you get someone who is not willing to put down the script and listen to you) and explain.
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Now that I look at my bill, I don't think I have U-Verse.

It just says "AT & T High Speed Internet (DSL). Is that different from U-Verse? Thanks!
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If you don't get the U-verse TV or phone service, and just get DSL internet, you only have AT&T DSL.

AT&T does offer a customer support line that's just for moving your service (and questions about moving) at 1-800-MOVE-ATT. I would give them a call? When I moved my service I just had to bring my router with me to the new house.
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I have U-Verse and my bill very explicitly says U-Verse on it. like, in 6 or 7 different places - even the logo at the top is "AT&T U-Verse". this may be different for you, though; I'm in Tennessee, and it's feasible you'd have a different-looking bill.

I would call the moving line BZArcher mentions - unless you want to switch to U-Verse, you should be able to use your existing DSL equipment. the last time I moved with AT&T plain DSL, they just had to turn on the phone lines in the house - no new equipment, and I don't think an installer even came in. U-Verse requires a different set of gear, though.
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If you want U-verse (which is much faster than DSL) you do need their router. If you get the internet service bundled with phone and TV, the router is free.

Their web site is indeed maddening. Their customer service over the phone is only a little better. When I was setting this up, I had no luck understanding at all what the rules were until I physically went to an AT&T store and talked to the guy at the counter, who was great. That's what I'd recommend.
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When my boyfriend and I moved in together last year, he found he couldn't just transfer his U-verse - he had to cancel it at his apartment, then create a new account for the house. We have no idea why.
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