RadioLab Greatest Hits, Vol. 1?
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Radiolab's 'Words' episode (discovered here) masterfully massaged my mind. What are some of the best/your favorite Radiolab episodes?

I'm usually not a podcast person (Citizen Radio is really the only one I listen to on a regular basis), but Radiolab was just so informative, beautiful and innovative I need more. I understand that 'favorites' and 'best' are subjective, but I'm down with a little subjectivity every once and a while. I anticipate a ton of fans reacting to this question with "Just listen to all of them!" and while I may do that someday, right now I'm looking for a Greatest Hits. Thanks in advance!
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I loved the previous full episode ("Oops") especially the final piece on the Canadian Geese. The Parasite episode will squick you out in a really pleasant way. And I'm biased, but I loved the Animal Minds episode.

But yeah, it's more difficult to come up with an episode I didn't enjoy. Definitely one of the best podcasts out there.
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Animal Blessings: the story of a whale rescue.
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The Parasite episode is by far my favorite, although I've probably listened to Lucy to most (the TAL crossover is what introduced me to Radio Lab). Anybody who ends up on a long car ride with me ends of being forced to listen to those two. The episode that got my husband hooked was Famous Tumors.
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Ones that have stuck in my mind: "Limits", "Zoos", "Placebo". I also like "The Ring and I" which I think predates Radiolab but is stylistically very similar.
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"Choice" was one of my favorites.
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Ufez Jones beat me to it, as Animal Blessings is just a chapter of the Animal Minds episode.
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I liked Emergence (2005).
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My Top 5 (the ones I use to proselytize to people):
War of the Worlds
Bus Stop (It's short but it's why I'm so upset Lulu Miller went off to grad school.)
Yellow Fluff & Other Curious Encounters
After Life
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After Life is a great one. It's deep and a little freaky. It kinda changed my perception of death.
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Stochasticity. After Life. Beyond Time.
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They are all worth a listen. I listen to many of them over and over. The ones already mentioned are Fantastic*. If I had to pick favourites, I would choose Sperm, Limits, Yellow Fluff, and Who Am I?

*They are all fantastic, although I never want to listen to Lucy again. Don't get me wrong, it was a beautifully crafted episode like all of the Radiolab work. It was just so sad, I wish there had been a warning about the content. The story will haunt me forever.
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I loved Quantum Cello -- it's just beautiful. Also, Parasites but I love to cringe.
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Easy: "Detective Stories"
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"Pop Music" was amazing. "Sperm" was fun too, and another vote for "The Ring and I"..
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Musical Language blows my mind.
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Seconding the Stochasticity suggestion. The opening story about the girl and the balloon will blow your mind.
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Uhhh, all of them. Seriously. Radiolab is amazing, if you start listening it won't be long before you've heard them all.

But if you can't work that much Jad and Robert time into your life I would recommend Placebos or Stochasticity.

Also, any of the one's that feature music are pretty good, like the one that featured Juana Molina and the one that featured Zoe Keating.
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The Zoe Keating episode was Quantum Cello.
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Just about all of the full-hour format shows are consistently great, to the point where I'd have a real hard time picking favorites from them. The only one I'd rate as a swing and a miss was one that was mostly just Robert noodling for the entire length on the Bible story of Abraham and Isaac.
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I've liked the episodes about making RadioLab: Jad and Robert: The Early Years, Tell Me a Story.
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The Ring and I is absolutely fantastic. It's all Wagner, all the time, and it's pretty awesome. It's not sciency like the other episodes, but damn, that Wagner. Dude could write music!
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Seriously though. I guess, if you MADE me choose, I'd go with:
1) Placebo
2) Stochasticity
3) Choice
4) Music
5) After Life

But seriously, once you've heard a few, you'll just listen to them all.
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Another vote for Parasites. I nearly drove off the road I became so engrossed, and then did the classic sit-in-the-parking-lot-until-the-show-finishes thing.
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Lucy will break your heart.
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Best answer: Thanks for all the answers! I've got a bunch of listening to do. All good answers, so I'm not sure which to mark as the best, so instead I'm just going to list and order the episodes that got the most votes, if anyone else is looking for a Greatest Hits in the future. Here is a totally unscientific Top 14:

Four Vote Episodes:

After Life

Three Vote Episodes
The Ring and I
Quantum Cello

Two Vote Episodes
Animal Minds
Yellow Fluff & Other Curious Encounters
Pop Music
Musical Language

So far I've listened to After Life and Stochasticity which were awesome.
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Three favorites is like three more votes for Choice, right? Plus, you get to hear Oliver Sacks say the word "kidneys" a bunch of times. Definitely should move up on the list. (The Ring and I is also fascinating.)
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