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I realize there are about 1000 threads on podcast recommendations, but I'm looking for something very specific so I feel justified in starting a new thread. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a podcasts that aggregates audio content from other podcasts into a cherry-picked compilation. The closest I've found is NPR's Most Emailed feed, but I'd also love to hear some content from outside the NPR realm. Basically, I'm thinking of an audio equivalent of Longreads/Send Me a Story.
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I'd try the Third Coast Audio Festival's Resound Podcast. It's an irregular thematic compilation, and is consistently pretty awesome. It's less podcast compilation and more radio show compilation, though.
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In theory, the Huffduffer popular items feed is what you want: an audio version of longreads. In practice, it's mainly NPR and 5by5 shows. I'm disappointed, too.
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A few more guidelines around what you want would be helpful here. General genre of content? Length?

Huffduffer would be a pretty easy tool to do this in a way that wouldn't step on copyright toes - it essentially lets you make an RSS feed with links to whatever audio files you want. You could look around at the busy Huffduffers on this page and see if their tastes are to your liking. The tricky part about anthologizing audio, in this case, is that most shows are pretty long - if I as a curator want you to listen to one act of an episode of This American Life, my choices are to give you the whole hour, or illegally chop out the section you want and give it to you.

All that being said, if your interest is in audio storytelling (of this This American Life / Resound variety) and your amenable to a max 2 - 2.5 hrs a week or so, and there's interest from other people in the thread for something like that ... I could be compelled to start one. Audio storytelling is a genre I really like, and I've been entertaining this idea for a while.

An alternative, non-podcast solution is Public Radio Remix, a streaming station which made the blue a few days ago. It's off the beaten path audio stories curated by this producer named Roman Mars, whose taste is top notch. You could whip up a script to pull down X minutes of content every week and save it as an MP3.

On preview: what mumblingmynah said.
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I don't really listen to it, but Best of the Left.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. TCAF Resound looks awesome, I'll try that out. I had glanced at Huffduffers before but didn't find much content. callmejay, I already get a lot of my content from left leaning blogs, so I was hesitant to add Best of the Left when I saw it--I hate to live completely in an echo chamber. have I misjudged it's nature?

Good points AoS. In terms of what I'm looking for, interesting talk is all I ask. I already listen to every episode of TAL (and Radiolab, and TWiT/TWiG, and a few others), so a feed that mostly relied on full episodes of such wouldn't help.

What I love about longreads is that is has lots of content from outside my magazine subscriptions (New Yorker, Atlantic, Wired, etc) and also features great stories from those A-list mags' archives. I'd love anything remotely similar in podcast format.

I'll try out everything linked. Thanks again. AskMeFi rocks.
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Your best course of action might be to peruse a bunch of shows and / or Huffduffer users and see what you like. One way I screen podcasts besides the ones I listen to every episode of: In Google Reader, your "Starred Items" can be output as an RSS feed. I subscribe to a bunch of podcast (not blog) feeds in reader then, when I see something I want to listen to, star it and download it later onto my player of choice.
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Response by poster: I got excited about the prospect of using Google Reader to scan for interesting episodes to download, then pipe that starred rss feeds into doggcatcher (my phone's podcast client). But the Starred feed only includes links, not actual audio enclosures, so that doesn't work. Anyone know of a workaround? I guess I could see if Google Listen handles the feed better but I wasn't verytaken with Listen the last time I tried it . . .
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