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Happy Ambient Music? I'm looking for ambient soundscapes that won't make me feel like demons are slowly approaching (Aphex Twin, etc) I'm looking for study music that'll help me get in a happy zone.
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Eno's Music for Airports is sort of calming/happy-ish. Which is to say that it's not dark or brooding at all.
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I quite like the maple mountain sunburst triolian orchestra, The Real Tuesday Weld and, of course, a bit of Lemon Jelly.

Also, check out Dave's Lounge for a nice weekly-ish podcast of trip-hoppy, chillout type stuff.
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When I need to be in that mood, I just stream Space Station Soma, Groove Salad or other streams from Soma FM. I find that most of the time I barely realize that the song has changed, which I take as a sign that I'm paying attention to what I'm doing rather than the music.
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Boards of Canada, some of the mid-90's Future Sound of London, Biosphere and Stars of the Lid are names to check out.
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My suggestion is to spend an hour or so listening to Groove Salad or one of the other fine streams from somafm. Plenty of non-demonic ambient there. In fact, the stream itself might be your study music.
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Ulrich Schnauss' work might interest you. Its a nostalgic sort of happy. Here's "Blumenthal."
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Scratch the 'Stars of the Lid' part; most of their stuff is pretty down now that I recall. SETI had some good upbeat tunes in the mid-90's too.
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Oren Ambarchi definitely. Maybe Fennesz. Possibly B. Fleishmann.
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Manual's The North Shore.
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Chill Out by the KLF. Probably one of the best ambient albums ever made, if you ask me. I can't find it on iTunes, but it's really worth getting.

Boards of Canada and some of the Ulrich Schnauss stuff is good (e.g. Here Today Gone Tomorrow on Goodbye, some of the Far Away Trains Passing By. Phaedra by Tangerine Dream. Pieces in a Modern Style by William Orbit.
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Colleen's The Happy Sea, I'll Read You A Story, Summer Water. Warm fuzzy ambient deliciousness.
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Music for Airports is supposed to prepare you for the possibility of death in a plane crash. It used to help me study.
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Victor Bermon.
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I'll also throw in a plug for Air and Thievery Corporation.
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Lanterna. Also, Robin Guthrie's solo stuff.
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Future Loop Foundation is more Drum and Bass but somehow it chills me out big time and uplifts me at the same time.
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Ah now here is my sort of question:

Surprised no one has yet to mention the superb Telefon Tel Aviv.

Chris Coco
Sigur Ros
Kruder and Dorfmeister

Also check out old streams of The Blue Room (BBC R1) with Rob Da Bank and Chris Coco.
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The German record label Kompakt has an entire compilation series called Pop Ambient which should (mostly) suit what you are looking for. Here's a link to the most recent addition.
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Re: Stars of the Lid—yes, some of their stuff is dark/haunting (especially The Ballasted Orchestra) but some is also very warm and calming. Try Piano Aquieu, Requiem for Dying Mothers Part 2, or December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface.

Also, some of Spacemen Three's drony instrumental stuff fits this bill. Start with Soul 1.
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Deep Breakfast by Ray Lynch has been one of my favorites for over 20 years now!
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I've listened to a lot of ambient music while working, though leaning more towards contemporary minimalist classical music (which you may find conducive to work). You might like:

Akira Kosemura's "Polaroid Piano" / parts of "III" and "Le Voyage" by the Alps / Arovane's "Tides" / Terry Riley's "In C" / Bibio's albums, especially "Vignetting the Compost" / Eno's "Thursday Afternoon" and "Neroli" are wonderful / Sylvain Chauveau is very tender, and Chihei Hatakeyama's "Minima Moralia" is humming summer air / Colleen's "Les Ondes Silencieuses" is some of the greatest daydream music ever made / The Dead Texan's S/T is a more soothing version of the great but glacially sad work of Stars of the Lid / and I can't recommend Gas enough! "Königsforst" and "Nah Und Fern" are brilliant for writing.

Goldmund's "Corduroy Road" and "The Malady of Elegance" (exquisite and spare piano) / Gui Borrato has a great pulse for turning pages (as does Pantha du Prince, "This Bliss") -- Hans Otte's "Das Buch der Klänge" comes and goes like clouds in front of the sun. John Luther Adams's work, like "The Light That Fills the World," is like working in a snowfall. Library Tapes, especially "A Summer Beneath the Trees," is a series of perfect, still vignettes. Lubomyr Melnyk's "The Voice of Trees" is a rushing waterfall, perfect for getting inspiration on a deadline. Monolith's gentle psych on the self-title album can be great for 3 am reading. Rachel Grimes's "Book of Leaves" is Satie in autumn. Whitetree's "Cloudland" is in more of a song form, still great for our purposes.

Seconding Boards of Canada and Biosphere, and Oren Ambarchi, who's amazing!

(DM me if you'd like a sampler, I love putting little things like that together.)
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Eno's "Thursday Afternoon" -the link is to a 3 minute extract from the hour long original. Which I think he wrote partly to show what could be done with a CD recording.
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Gas: Nah und Fern. It's phenomenal.
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Eno's Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks.

Even when zombies have overrun the UK, this will still be a calming melody.
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Caribou makes me really happy.
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Verbose's Wonder is a little on the melancholy side, but it's my #1 work music.
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Seconding Eno's "Apollo".
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George Sarah's Ossia might be up your alley.
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Liquid Mind.

It's usually lumped in with the New Age/Crystal/Hippie type stuff, but is quite relaxing and completely non-referential. I do loves me some Stars of the Lid and Eno when I'm feeling spacey, but when I want to create some negative space to relax or work in, I listen to Liquid Mind.
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Highly seconding "Chill Out" by KLF. A favorite for years.
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I would suggest some Andrew Chalk, Keith Berry, Harold Budd, Tetsu Inoue, Loscil, or Belong- dreamy, underwater, outer/inner space ambience without the schmaltz of new age and minus the threatening gloom of the more isolationist acts-imho
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Actually, this ties in with a question I've been meaning to ask: a few years back I had a freeware no-longer-supported-by-the-author win program that reduced to the taskbar and would generate a huge right-click menu of nature sounds and soothing machine noises, etc. I can't locate it on my old machines nor can I wade through the google fluff to find it. Thanks for the above suggestions, and if anyone knows the program whereof I speak, I'd love to find it again. That simple little noise generator got me through many a writing project and I'd recommend it along with the items above.
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Global Communication's Pentamerous Metamorphosis, 76:14, and Remotion
Irresistible Force - Flying High
Datacide - Flowerhead & Ondas
Lloyd Cole - Plastic Wood

Most of these have YouTube links so you can listen to some examples.
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Zoe Keating, Zoe Keating, ZOE KEATING!!!!

She plays phenomenal cello music that she loops and layers until it sounds like a whole orchestra. Everyone that I have recommended her to has loved it.
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I'm looking for ambient soundscapes that won't make me feel like demons are slowly approaching (Aphex Twin, etc)

This is a really unfair generalization about Aphex Twin.

But I'll drop Global Communication's 76:14 & Arovane's Tides on the pile.
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Systrum Sistem was a fantastic net radio station that sadly isn't around anymore. However, the last.fm group set up in its absence might be a good starting point.

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Oh also the Son De Mar soundtrack by Piano Magic. Couldn't find that one on youtube though.
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Forgot to link to a mini review of Son de Mar. Here's something else by Piano Magic on youtube.
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Try these three excellent bands (all from Gothenburg!):

Air France
Boat Club
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Four Tet got me through many manic and marathon study sessions.
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I was thinking of the ambient noise/media player, Aire Freshener.
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Seconding Gas. Microstoria is also terrific, but a little sparse.
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Boards of Canada - Campfire Headphase
Air - Moon Safari
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Deadly Avenger
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Terre Thaemlitz - Hovering Glows
Jon Hopkins - Light Through The Veins
old spacetime continuum (Jonah Sharp) tracks like floatilla and Drift .
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Sakura - Susumu Yokota -- light, pretty, intermittently melancholy.

Echoing recommendations of: Gas, KLF's Chill Out, 76:14.

Other ideas can be found on the I Love Music "Ambient Listening Club" thread.
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You need the Radio Dept. (see: Pulling Our Weight, Where the Damage Isn't Already Done, Heaven's On Fire)

And Lemon Jelly (see: Nice Weather for Ducks, Space Walk, Ramblin' Man)
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Anything by Koop.
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In addition to many fine suggestions above, back in my freelancing days, I wrote many an article to Mouse on Mars, especially autoditacker. It's not ambient per se, but keeps me working.

Depending on how instrumental, you might enjoy tosca (one half of kruder and dorfmeister) - suzuki is as good a place as any to start.

Harold Budd, Agua is a great album for working - and if you're gonna go Eno, the Bang on a Can's Music for Airports - live, is just terrific.

Sakura is a great album, far and away Yokota's best in my opinion. I bought like four otrhers of his trying to get that magic again, but his other stuff is nowhere near as subtle/interesting.

Lusine is another musician you may enjoy. I bought A Certain Distance earlier this year and it's just terrific, one of my favourite ambient working albums for a long time.

Journal for People by Takagi Masakatsu is enjoyable for this too. It's actually audio from a video project but stands on its own.

Tijuana Sessions volume 3 by the Nortec Collective might be up your alley. It's irresistibly happy. Don't bother with the rest of the volumes.

I presume your o'erfamiliar with Rokysopp already.
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Eno - Another Green World
Eno - Music for Films
Frip and Eno - No Pussyfooting
Fripp - Radiophonics One
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Justin Bieber
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You might also like the Osmos soundtrack (free!).
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Erik Wollo's Emotional Landscape is ambient and, if not happy, at least pleasant, rich, and deeply immersive. Skip the first 20 seconds of the album; the rest may be what you're looking for. Sounds of the Seen, Pt. 1 is my favorite track.
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