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Can anyone recommend any frequently-updating blogs that cater to first time home owners/buyers, mostly geared towards DIY repairs and upgrades?

Maybe something like a blog version of ReadyMade magazine, but less hip, and focused more on practical jobs.
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Check out it's more for people who are undergoing heavy renovations, but it's got a lot of good hints in there because the owners are doing it themselves and have spent a LOT of time finding internet resources. Just about anything, from finding a new front door to building a laundry chute, is in the archives.
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I really like this guy's website:

It's not a blog, but it's a "website" that has a lot of useful info on doing home repairs.
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The guy from Brownstoner is blogging the renovation of his new house, which--get ready for this--is a brownstone. I like his main blog, generally, although I don't know if the reno stuff is applicable to other types of houses.
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Apartment Therapy often blogs about their projects. You can also email Maxwell for help, he often posts questions and open threads for all to help out with.
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Although the world of HouseBlogging is just ramping up, there are quite a few homeowners who post their work online. Also, there a few quality forums that give excellent advice.

Fine Homebuilding's Breaktime is home improvement nirvana, IMHO. They've saved me more than a few times. A group of professionals and DIY'ers who really care about doing a quality job.

Old House Web Forum is a good group as well.

American Bungalow forum attracts some quality DIY folks, and they are happy to help with advice and counsel (even if you don't have a bungalow.)
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