Why won't SBS 2003 decrypt my sql scripts?
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I am having a problem with our account app / server; I need to apply a hot fix to the sql db and the files are encrypted. When trying to decrypt the file, I get varied error messages. Any MCSE / encryption Guru's in the house?

I have tried googling for the following error messages with minimal success:

Error 8009000f while creating key container
Error setting up cryto system
Error 8009000b

Evidently, their program that facilitates license entering needs to use this encryption to validate my license key too; So, I've got them working on the problem, while our account staff sits idle. I understand I could get the SQL scripts unencrypted, but that doesn't solve the license issue nor future upgrades.

Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Also; The full error message is: Key Container may not exist error 8009000B attempting to create: The verbiage account indicates accounting and the specific software is Sedona Office.
posted by AllesKlar at 8:42 AM on March 11, 2005

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