Too Much Cornmeal
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I've recently found myself in possession of 7.5 pounds (five full cartons) of corn meal. What can I do with this great corny bounty? Bonus points for being able to use as much as possible in a single batch of *something.* Projects, crafts, household tips, or recipe suggestions needed. Difficulty: Please NO corn bread or polenta recipes.

It's plain old Quaker yellow corn meal, no additives, not self-rising. Fwiw, I'm gluten intolerant if that helps with recipe ideas. I've already seen this thread. Thanks a bunch!
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I just had, for the first time, Indian Pudding which doesn't use a lot of cornmeal, but would be a great dessert to have after a big dinner or to bring to friends'. It's basically a cornmeal+milk mush with some seasonsing and molasses. Completely amazing served with ice cram.
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You sure it's corn meal?
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Response by poster: @ Antgly: Well I suppose there's the remote possibility that it's a pot of petunias or the governor of Idaho, but I'm pretty sure it's corn meal given that the package looks exactly like this. ;-)
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Rustic tarts. Fill with whatever you want, and put the corn meal in a blender for a minute to make it into corn flour.

Tamales usually use masa, which is corn meal with lime added to break down the corn.
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Didn't see the gluten intolerant part, but you could probably substitute corn flour for flour with reasonable results. The flour just gives it a smoother texture.
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Corn meal is a good nonstick buffer. Toss a liberal amount down between a pizza and stone/tray or loaf of bread/baking pan before putting it in the oven, and it'll come out a lot cleaner without so much sticking.

It's also great (when seasoned properly) to crust chicken or fish fillets in before frying. (Mmm, fried catfish.) It's got a much better post-fry texture and flavor than just plain flour.
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Neighborhood fish fry! With hush puppies! Mmmmm....
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I can't believe no one has suggested polenta yet. So, so good and there are a ton of recipes on the internet.
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Someone did mention polenta.
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Dammit, I hate it when people do that and I did it! I blame it on the beer and lack of sleep, so, so sorry :\
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How about donating some of it to the food bank?
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MaryDellamorte: the OP said "Please NO corn bread or polenta recipes."

If you're looking for non-food uses, cornmeal (or, according to the internet, a mixture of cornmeal and coffee grinds) can be used as a substitute for sand in kids' sand tables. Cornmeal can also be used as a dry shampoo.
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MaryDellamorte: I blame my non-preview on beer and lack of sleep too. Apologies!
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wwartoff has it. Donate to a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen or whatever. The scale should tell you that 7.5 pounds of corn meal goes into 40 people easily and helps stave stave off their hunger much better than it thrashes into some esoteric "craft project" for one.

As a matter of fact, show up with a recipe and the other ingredients (cornbread, polenta either would be great) and cook it for 'em.
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what about corn tortillas? It's easiest to make them if you have a tortilla press. I'm sure you could make the dough, then freeze it in small batches to use when you want fresh tortillas. Pre made corn tortillas tend to be crumbly when defrosted, but would be great for enchiladas. Other items to make: tacos, corn chips, cups for chalupas, tostadas.

Also, though this may be too polenta-like, grits.
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Fried cornmeal mush. Awesome.
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How about just adding a little bit to lentil dishes or bean dishes? I haven't tried that but you can add almost anything to these!
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Brew a batch of Classic American Pilsner. (Link goes to awesome PDF article about classic American pilsner.)
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It's great for on your lawn and garden, killing a number of fungi you don't want around, as well as keeping some varieties of weeds from sprouting. Also fertilizes the dirt.

But I'd probably donate it to a shelter or food bank. Times are hard right now, and these places are having trouble getting enough food to give out.
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Start a compost pile and use those boxes of GMO'd corn meal as your base.
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I've added cornmeal to chili to thicken it up a bit.
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Corn tortillas, like tamales, are made with masa, not cornmeal. Grits are also not made of cornmeal but instead from hominy (which is a corn product that, like masa, has been nixtalized, or has had alkali added.

Is spoon bread out? It's neither cornbread nor polenta, but resembles both in orign. It's basically a cornmeal souffle.).
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Sorry, nixtamalized.
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Also, what about johnny cakes? Yum. I might make johnny cakes this weekend.
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