Autobahn appetite!
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Calling all frequent Portland-Seattle drivers: where are your favorite places to pull off I-5 and eat?

I used to drive it alone and just get it over with as fast as possible, but now with a family (and some of the especially horrific traffic lately between Tacoma & Olympia), sometimes we just need to stop and take a break. We can't stand fast food, with the lone, occasional exception of Burgerville in Centralia; yam fries! So I thought I'd check with the community to see if there are any gems we're missing along the way. Bonus points if it's not far off the freeway. Thanks!
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Best answer: La Tarasca in Centralia. Fantastic Mexican.
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Best answer: You're very close to my favorite place on that drive! As much as I love Burgerville, the place to go in Centralia is Bill & Beas Drive-In -

Awesome, cheap, old fashioned burgers and shakes. Granted, I guess that does count as fast-food, but I promise it is delicious!
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Best answer: The Country Cousin in Centralia is worth visiting for the Yak Burger.
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Pay attention to alaijmw - I was trying to remember the name of that place! The milkshakes are awesomeness in a cup.
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I'm with mmdei - Country Cousin!
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Best answer: No joke, I read your post while at a standstill on I-5 a few miles south of Olympia. Ugh.

I usually stop for lunch at a McMenamin's pub, either Olympic Club Pub in Centralia or Spar Cafe in Olympia. Worth a visit to check out the restored historic buildings - the Olympic Club Pub is particularly interesting.
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Response by poster: Sorry to hear it, prinado. That holdup was killing me on our last trip. Kudos to everyone so far, I appreciate the suggestions, especially for good Mexican food. I should add that I'm probably more interested in places around the Olympia/Tacoma area; that's where the kiddo's nap usually ends and we start getting desperate to either get home or to get off the road and out of the car for a while. Everything so far sounds great, though. Who would have guessed Centralia would be such a hotspot?
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Best answer: Downtown Olympia is pretty close to the freeway. I like Little Da Nang for Vietnamese. It's also right next to the Heritage Park Fountain, which is great for kids during the summer! There are numerous Thai places downtown: Thai Pavilion is a good one but not too fancy; appropriate for a stop off the highway. Quality Burrito has classy Mexican, really good, but the service isn't always so fast. Old School makes a damn fine thin crust pizza. The Reef serves diner-like food, but made with high quality ingredients. They recently reopened after a bad kitchen fire and are well loved by Olympians. Wagner's Bakery has a deli and wide selection of pastries and sweets. I've never eaten a meal there, but some of the pastries are quite good. Meconi's has a mighty fine Italian sub as far as the West coast goes. It's close to the highway exit. These are all places where you could eat for around $10/person or less. If you are interested in nicer places too, or have specific cuisine preferences, let me know and I will go into more detail!
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I love the burgers at Norma's right off exit 114 in Nisqually. They also have a smaller location on Martin Way, between exits 109 and 111. Although, I feel I should warn you that the place is decorated in a bizarrely conservative way (American flags everywhere, framed pictures of Reagan on the wall, etc.), though this hasn't been reflected in the service, in my experience.

If you like German food, I highly recommend Oskar's Deli in Lacey. It's a tiny little place in the Fred Meyer parking lot, off exit 108 (Sleater Kinney Rd), but it's got some great sausages and sandwiches and the potato salad is killer.

I also second Kindall's suggestion of La Tarasca. Most excellent food.
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Also, if you like barbecue, I cannot recommed Southbay enough, in downtown Olympia (exit 105, left onto Legion Way). Killer food and great sides. If you want a meal to kick you over the barrel, this is the place.
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