F*ck Yeah?
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F*ck Yeah! or Hell Yeah? or I don't know if Yeah belongs there. Who is this band?

I'm looking for an instrumental(?) electronic(?) band(?). I came across a Youtube Video late one night of four guys playing electronic music. I was fighting off sleep when I found the video, so I'm not sure if it I really liked it, but I remember wanting to see more. My browser history is gone from that time. They were really getting into the music in the video, banging their heads, carrying on and whatnot. The name of the band or video was something like F*ck or Fu*K or Sh*t or something Yeah. I remember a faux 70's look, muted colors, beards and there might have been a wall poster of deer? Perhaps. Does this vague description resemble a band or video you know?
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Best answer: Holy Fuck.
posted by naju at 1:03 PM on August 6, 2010

Best answer: Holy Fuck?
posted by sanko at 1:03 PM on August 6, 2010

Response by poster: Holy Fuck, that was fast!
posted by studentbaker at 1:04 PM on August 6, 2010

I've never seen any of their videos but there's also Fuck Buttons.
posted by jontyjago at 1:05 PM on August 6, 2010

I prefer the Fuck Yeahs from Minneapolis.
posted by DieHipsterDie at 1:25 PM on August 6, 2010

Yeah, it must have been HF if it was electronic, but there actually is a band called Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah.
posted by Bobby Bittman at 6:56 AM on August 7, 2010

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