Not a disco ball, but a disco...disc?
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What is the name of the light that comes in as the background around 1:05 of this video? Bonus points for other wacky disco lights you can tell me about.
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Not a light in the traditional sense (meaning, it's not like a disco ball or strobe light). It looks like a kaleidoscope of sorts that was laid in behind them (kind of like how they do green screen stuff). This is sad because I now want to exist in a world where that kind of light exists.
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It's a Moiré pattern created by a rotating disk.
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it's a transparency with black spokes and a rotating disk behind it with color bars radiating from the center, and i think the color bars somewhere/how between the center and edge. there are also black lines between the radiating color bars. the singers were probably chromakeyed over it.
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If you want to see examples of disco lighting, American DJ has little sample videos on each of their product pages. Lighting has come a long way in the 30 years since disco died. Thanks to LEDs, computer controls, and sound activation, modern dance lighting is pretty awesome. Here's a page with their LED stuff on it.
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Chauvet is another manufacturer. I used to rent out their stuff, and it was fairly decent. American DJ would likely be a tad cheaper.
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