Nerves Jangling. Rest needed.
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I need a rest! Help pleez.

I need some chill, relaxed r&r for cheap, near a beach and near NYC. Ideally, I'd like something where I could stay on my own but meet new people to hang with easily. Is this available at all on Long Island, or Fire Island? I have friends with a house on Fire Island, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable asking if I can just go stay there ( inviting myself). My fantasy is bringing my guitar and computer to a little cottage room for a few days, hanging on the beach, and then maybe socializing with people enough to hang out with them at night, get dinner drinks etc.

Is this possible? NB: NY/Hamptons extremely preferable, I don't want to fly. I just really need the rest for mental health/detox/chillout reasons.

Last but absolutely not least: I do not DRIVE. Also, I will be on my own.
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Look for a hostel with private rooms. You can hang in your room when you want to be alone, and in the common areas when you want to socialize and meet people.
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There are house shares in the Hamptons... But whether or not they are cheap depends on how you define the word.
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It would be helpful to know your budget, at least for lodging.
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How about the Rockaways (accessible by subway) or Point Lookout (in NY, and accessible by public transport [bus])? It is pretty much the same beach and ocean as the Hamptons or Fire Island, and cheaper (but still kind of expensive if you are not flush). Also, the Jersey Shore can be very nice and easily accessed by public transport. Cape May is really nice. I also like Asbury Park. I don't think you can find anyplace cheap in the Hamptons or Fire Island.

I have stayed at all these places, Fire Island is by far the best.
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Does the beach need to be an ocean's beach? There are "beaches" along the Hudson River and small lakes in the Catskills.
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Response by poster: cheap =$150 or less per night.
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There are very affordable bed & breakfasts on Staten Island within walking distance of the ferry. Not sure what the beaches are like there, but it would be a cheap, convenient option.
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What about Atlantic City? Easily accessible by bus.
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