Sparky's? Music? Mixup?
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I'm trying to remember a series of 78rpm records I had as a kid. I think the name is Sparky's Music Mixup.

The kid starts to play (some instrument) but then sees his friend is studying some other instrument and so he asks for lessons on that instead. Repeat. Maybe several times. Therefore he never learns to play any instrument well. This is bad.

I need to know the exact name of this and a two- or three-sentence synopsis of the actual plot, including what the instruments were, did he see his friends playing other instruments, or hear about it, or what.

for a website I"m working on. It has to be accurate. Thanks. (I've been able to see the cover of it on the web, but no plot synopsis)
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Was it maybe Sparky's Magic Piano?
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This page has a copy of "Sparky's Music Mix-up" for sale for $8.00...maybe it would have a blurb on it, if you were to buy it. I suppose you could ask the seller for more detailed pictures, too.
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I think it's Sparky's Magic Baton. Sparky had a baton which, when tapped against something, such as a car, resulted in the car's horn 'speaking' to him. I believe he then was able to make instruments play themselves by tapping each one.

There's some audio files here.
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Searching some more, Sparky's Music Mix-Up is (also?) a track on Rusty in Orchestraville.
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OK it is Sparky's Music Mixup and here is the cover:

I'm gonna try to write to this guy and see if he actually has the records and can tell me the story! You can see how sad that neglected piano is!
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