Ergonomic keyboard with trackpoint mouse?
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I'm looking for an ergonomic keyboard with a built-in trackpoint (nub-style) mouse

I haven't been able to find anything like what I want on google, what I want is the split-key style ergonomic keyboard, but the only ones I can see with built in mice use touchpads, which I can't stand and are usually located in an inconvient place on the keyboard. I spend all day typing (programmer) and using a regular mouse always feels like a huge interruption to my work flow. I use as many keyboard shortcuts as I can, but there is only so much you can avoid it sometimes, so now I want a keyboard with a built in mouse.

Does anyone make anything like this? Or am I wrong in avoiding the trackpads? The only time I've ever used them is on laptops, and I much prefer my trackpoint in those situations.
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While they're not split keyboards, IBM's USB Keyboard with Ultranav and USB Travel Keyboard with Ultranav have trackpoints (and a trackpad). Quality is supposed to be top-notch.

A LONG time ago, I think I saw a split keyboard with a trackpoint in the split in between the keys. I have no idea who made it or if I am actually remembering correctly.
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There's also the IBM TrackPoint USB Keyboard which you can pick up on eBay and several online stores. They also make a nice little server rack version without the number pad.
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furtive, yeah, but I'm specifically looking for split-key, I suppose I forgot to mention that I can find a lot in the normal layout, but I haven't been able to find a single one in the split-key layout.
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I don't know if this option would be appealing at all, but have you ever used a Rollermouse? I'm on the ergonomics committee at work, and we recommend it to a lot of people. It might not be compatible with a split keyboard, though -- a keyboard that is straight across the bottom works better. I put it with this keyboard, which is not split, but at least has slanty keys.
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I've been looking for a wireless keyboard with UltraNav, preferably a "compact" model. Any ideas?
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To follow-up, something like this, only wireless. So far the only wireless keyboard with UltraNav I could find is this one. Too big!
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Have you seen the TouchStream? I know someone who had one and really liked it. Each half of the keyboard is a touchpad.
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Hmm, the TouchStream looks interesting, but at $340, the damn thing should type for me! But honestly, that's a bit closer to what I want, which is to avoid having to move my hands any more then neccessary. Am I missing something? Anyone else a programmer out there going through a similiar situation that has some good advice?
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I was also going to recommend the IBM keyboard, as that is all I use (with Ultranav or the old type M keyboards, which I collect).

No idea on where to find what you asked for, but here is yet another alternative. I've always thought they were priced too high, but they seem to still be in business. I've been lusting after one for quite a while.
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