Curses! Foiled again!
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Why are the aluminum foil sheets used at deli counters patterned (with dimples, crosshatches, diamonds, &c.)? Is patterned foil available in roll form?
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I suspect the dimpling creates insulating air pockets that keep food warmer longer.
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to look pretty?
if it's not just embossed, but actually a variation in thickness, then it may make the foil tougher, like the thicker threads in rip-stop nylon.
pmbuko - i couldn't find any foil on that link.
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It's pretty. The foil is possibly less likely to stick to one another. It may reduce the amount of material required; the stamping makes it thinner. It's pretty. And it prevents re-use as technology against alien mind rays, lest employees start selling it on the black market.
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This would make a very good Straight Dope question.
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hmm. maybe, since delis and grocery stores buy in bulk, the holes = less aluminium = less cost? maybe?
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I went out to lunch after seeing this question and at the taqueria I went to noticed that they had a whole industrial roll of foil in a white box with the label "patterned foil." So, yes, it does come in rolls although that doesnt answer the why.
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Also, this site seems to imply that they are merely decorative.
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