What's this? A hole?
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Who made this hole and what's to be done?

There was a hole, about two inches in diameter, that has been home to a chipmunk for several months. No big deal to us, there are many critters around, there is no deck or porch for them to dig under, and they are cute, so live and let live, I say. Today, we went outside, and the hole was about five inches in diameter, with a pile of dirt near the entrance to suggest that something larger dug pretty deep.

Is it more likely that something larger has taken residence or simply chasing the chipmunk for a meal?

Also, what is the best procedure for filling such a hole? Sand, gravel, sand and water, something else? It's about three feet from the house.

We are in western Massachusetts and have seen everything from the smallest voles to bobcats and bears in our yard and neighborhood.
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Sounds like it could be any animal larger than a chipmunk, which animal was trying to eat the chipmunk?

As for filling the hole, wouldn't you just use the dirt that the larger animal displaced? Or are you looking to permanently seal that hole?
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If you post a photo, it'll be easier to tell.
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Refill it with dirt. More than likely it was another animal looking for a tasty bite of chipmunk. Could just as easily have been a fox or a neighbor's dog.
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my dog did exactly this to a chipmunk hole....
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Could be a groundhog.
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Response by poster: The hole in question.
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Just put the dirt back in. Something was probably trying to eat the chipmunk but if he's still around he'll tunnel back through the dirt.
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Dog or coyote. They stick their paws in one at a time and sort of tear at the entrance to make it big enough for their nose.
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Seconding wkearney99. A fox or dog may have tried to get at it. Can you see any claw marks where the fresh dirt was dug out, and approximately how big the feet of the digging animal were?
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nthing the notion that it looks like a fox or a dog got at it.
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