There was an artful ski movie shot at 100FPS. What is it called?
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Ski Movie Aficionados: Approximately five years ago I read about a very artful ski movie in the middle of multi-year production. The aspect I remember most clearly was a very high original frame rate to allow super- smooth slow motion. I want to say 100fps, but I really don't remember for sure. Can anyone lead me to this film?

I am pretty sure it was all under the direction of one guy (and it certainly was not Warren Miller). He was taking years to shoot incredibly beautiful shots (on film) at this really high frame rate.
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While I don't have an answer to your question, Roger Ebert has discussed an alternative film format called Maxivision 48, which I hadn't heard of before, but which he describes as follows:

"It shows movies at 48 frames a second, uses only 50 percent more film than currently, and because of a patented method for moving the film through the gate, eliminates scratching and jiggles; it would cost only $12,000 per screen to install the equipment. The picture is four times as good as current film projection."
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