Trade airline vouchers?
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[travelfilter] What's the best way to trade one airline's voucher/credit for credit on another?

I have ~$900 credit on JetBlue. I don't want to fly JetBlue, I want to fly on Hawaiian. is not useful here. What does the hive mind recommend for a trustworthy process of matching my desire to trade with that of another traveler with credit on another airline?

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There are sites where people do this. I would make inquiries over on Flyer Talk (I don't think FT allows swaps on the board itself, but you could register and ask the mods.)
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There are lots of recommendations for this when you google "transferring airline vouchers" and it appears that the answer differs airline to airline.
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FlyerTalk has a "Coupon Connection" board which, I believe, is only visible to members who make a certain minimum number of posts elsewhere in the community. Note that "Coupon Connection" cannot be used for cash or cash-like transactions. There always seems to be a fairly high amount of postings, but it is very much a reputation-based transaction scheme so board newbies may have a hard time getting their trades to clear.

Also, certain types of credits/vouchers are non-transferrable so check the exact terms of your JetBlue credit.
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