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Where in Toronto can I buy a classy leather messenger bag or briefcase, without breaking the bank? I want something more "design" than "Organization Man". Consignment places that sell designer menswear? A discount store in Yorkville?

I like the look of Italian leather bags (such as this and this). However, I've got no more than $400 to spend, and even that is pushing it. Where should I look? The only place I've tried is Fashionably Yours on Queen West, and they only had one briefcase in stock.
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After similar searching I actually ended up getting a pretty great leather messenger bag from Banana Republic in the Eaton Centre a couple of years for about $350 -- no logos on the outside. Dunno if they still sell them, but take a look there if you've not already.
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Try Laywine's on Bellair north of Cumberland.
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Rudsak at Queen and John has nice plain leather bags in the $200-$400 range. The website is horrible but there's more stuff at the store.
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Coach has several nice leather messenger bags for less than $400. If you go south to an outlet store in the States you can often find screaming deals.
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I got a very nice leather and canvas messenger bag at m0851 last summer. They were having their summer sale on last week too - might still be on, I'm not sure.
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M0851. They have sales once in a while. The shop is in Yorkville, just off Bloor on some aided street. Their bags are great. Their stuff is really simple looking. They don't have logos all over the place.

I'd avoid Rudsak.
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Roots has a line of leather messenger bags that range from $200-300.

They have a flagship store on Bloor and Bay Street.
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