Best Way to Get Special Email Notifications on iPhone?
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Is there a way to make certain emails appear as push notifications on the iPhone? Or, is there a way to easily enable/disable toggle a Gmail forwarding filter?

I'd like to set up a filter in Gmail for the most important emails so that I'd get a notification on my iPhone when they arrive. Is there an app or service where I could forward emails and have them pop-up on my iPhone like a calendar reminder? Right now, I forward them as SMS messages via the AT&T SMS-email gateway (, but I only need one alert if I have any messages. I'd rather not receive several SMS for several individual Gmail messages, which is what I have now.
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Shameless self-promotion: Boxcar does exactly this. For free.
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jdgdotnet, if Boxcar is yours, I'd like to tell you how much I love it. It's just gotten better and better. I use it for Twitter mentions.

Thanks for a great app.
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