Repo'd cars in Austin
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How do you find, examine, and buy repossessed cars in Austin, TX? Other suggestions for low-priced car buying also welcome.

My gf's car is dead, and she needs to buy another vehicle. Budget is around $5000. She's had success in the past with buying repossessed cars in another city, and we want to look into that in Austin, TX. I'd like to help her look, but I have no idea where to start. I also have no idea how you go about checking out a car that's been repo'd before buying it.

I know some dealerships specialize in repo'd vehicles, but I imagine they would be tacking on additional costs. Is it worth it, assuming the dealership has done their homework on the vehicle?
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The credit unions that I have been a member of have sold cars that they have reposessed. One always had a few listed on their web site, but the one I currently use has a euphemistically named "pre-owned car sale" every couple months.
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you can check the auto auctions too. they should be in the phone book, or ask your car insurance agent where the local auctions are.

insurers sell cars totaled for whatever reason at auction. frequently these are high quality older cars in perfect running condition with minor body damage, totaled because the cost to repair exceeds the value of the car. insurers also total cars when body parts are hard to get - like when Daewoo went bankrupt, before GM bought them. I totaled a pile of year-old Nubiras for minor hail damage.

here's a google search on auto auctions around austin:
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Be wary of clicking through just anything you find on the Google search for that, OP, as you'll (perhaps obviously) get a few scam sites that aren't all that actively helpful.

For more specific listings, check in the back of the Austin Chronicle. They have listings of auto auctions from several sources (and, yes, some scam "1-800-giveusmoneyforfreeinfo" sources, too), often with in-depth details on make/model/year.
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good point, thanks batmonkey
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Does she have the 5k in cash or were you planing on financing? Carmax has a 2001 Saturn SL2 4D Sedan for $6995. Putting 5k down would make the monthly prices pretty low. Also at least here you know the car has been looked over and does come with a warranty.

It shows the car is in San Antonio but they'll transfer it to Austin.
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Don't forget state and other government auto auctions. They have to do something with all those towed cars no one ever claimed, after all. In Ohio these auctions are separately run and advertised.
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