Detecting the metal detectors on the Oregon coast
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Which Oregon coast beaches are especially popular for metal detecting?

Are there beaches in Oregon which are more often visited by folks with metal detectors? This site suggests that you wouldn't need a permit to do it on most state beaches, but I'm interested in knowing where people prefer to search for buried treasure. (It's a plot detail---actually, "near Portland" is probably a more useful qualifier than "in Oregon".)
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Wouldn't the best beach for treasure hunting be one where fewer people went? Is it about being a good place for it, or for there being a lot of people metal detecting?
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It's the second thing. Yeah, it's kind-of counterintuitive, and it may come off as a bit contrived in the work...
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I'm curious what you're trying to accomplish. Are you just trying to find places where your detector will go off? If so, then you should go to the wreck of the "Peter Iredale", which is more metal than probably anywhere else on the coast.

But all you'll find there is rusty steel.
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I think the asker is writing a book, and not actually looking to go metal detecting himself?
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Basically, yeah. No detecting for me.
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I think you could probably get away with Beverly Beach. There's a really big campground there, and lots of people on the sand on warm weekends, some of whom are bound to lose stuff which detector hobbyists might in turn try to find.

I don't know whether it is actually popular with real detectors, but it should be good enough for your story.
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Must it be a coastal beach? A lot of people go metal detecting along the Willamette River, including Sauvie Island. Certainly more convenient to Portland than the ocean beaches, albeit not as scenic.

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When I lived in Portland, we all pretty much only ever went to Cannon Beach. It's "the" beach on the Oregon Coast, and also the shortest drive.
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