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I desperately need music suggestions for a slide show featuring the Pacific Northwest. It can be anything-- vocals, instrumental etc. Please help.
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The soundtracks to Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi
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A bit of the Twin Peaks theme almost seems obligatory (though perhaps just a little bit).
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New World Symphony?
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chris brokaw's i was born, but…
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A Record Year for Rainfall - The Decemberists
The River Where She Sleeps - Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

Both sort of rainy and PNW-centric.
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The Haida Gwaii Singers have just released a superb anthology of Haida Music.

Their website (music autoplays, samples from each of the five disks)
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PS it might help potential answerers to know the general subject of the slide show.
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This might be too location-specific, but how about Robyn Hitchcock's Viva Sea-Tac?
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Gideon Freudmann? You're not giving us much to work with, here.
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A simply lovely album, Kurr by Icelandic string quartet, Amiina.
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Songs of the Whale
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Actually, that was a bit of a joke, but my partner, an Eastman-trained pianist, recommends Hovhaness' And God Created Great Whales, which mixes whale songs with orchestral arrangements. Alan Hovhaness composed a number of works while living in Seattle.
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It's hard to make suggestions without knowing the contents of the slide show, but when showing majestic and/or pastoral pictures of America, it's hard to go wrong with an orchestral version of Simple Gifts.
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Portland, Oregon by Loretta Lynn seems appropriate.
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George Frederick McKay was a Seattle-based composer who wrote a number of Pacific Northwest-themed works. The Seattle Symphony's CD From a Moonlight Ceremony / Harbor Narrative / Symphony for Seattle might fit the bill.
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Washington native (in both senses) violinist Swil Kanim.
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I always associate elliot smith with Oregon. But he's not exactly uplifting.
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Here's more information. It's a 30 minute slide show of a summer trip that emcompassed The Grand Canyon, Yosemite and the entire Oregon Coast. So I need both vocals and instrumentals -- something grand befitting the scenery. It can be anything and I'll know it when I hear it.

I'm listening to all the suggestions made and really appreciate you taking the time to answer. What you like the music to be if you were watching a show of this type?
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