Santa Cruz Jobs?
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So I'm thinking of moving to Santa Cruz, CA. Anyone live out there? Anyone know where I could find a job?

I'm a biologist looking to scope out a masters program at UCSC in the fall. A friend of mine lives there and has said she has a room to rent coming mid-September. I would like to have some kind of job lined up for when I show up there, but I haven't found any good leads on the internet.

Any Santa Cruzians have any leads?
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Memail me, I can help.
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What kind of job are you looking for? Something at the university?

Moving to a place isn't really the typical way to investigate a graduate program that is there...
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Response by poster: Indeed, advil, indeed. Other major factors to my moving include: escape parent's basement. I recently lost my job and had to move home. I figure anything is better than this and I have always heard good things about Santa Cruz.

Actually any job would work, just something to pay the bills.
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I spent 10 years in Santa Cruz, it's an awesome place to live but not an easy place to find work. Lots of the people who live there commute over the hill to Silicon Valley, and lots of the lower-paying local jobs are filled by people who commute from Watsonville. Definitely check out the UCSC career center for on-campus options, I've worked for the university and enjoyed it.

As a biologist you should also consider Santa Cruz Biotechnology, which maintains a herd of genetically engineered goats that produce antibodies in their milk. They hire genetic engineers, accountants, goatherds, that kind of thing.
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