Looking For Death Game or Something Similar
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NameThatBookFilter: Serial killer preys on girls, scatters bones in different states.

I'm trying to help a patron at our library track this book down, with no luck. The patron recalls the title as "Death Game," but none of the descriptions of books by that title (or similar, like Deathgame, Deathgames, etc.) match her recollection. Based on the little information I could get from the patron, the book is most likely at least 10 years old, possibly older. My Google- and Library-fu have failed me thus far... ring a bell for anybody?
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Dead Game is about a serial killer but looks to be newer than your patron remembers.
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I think you might be looking for Killing Game by Iris Johansen. It is part of a series with a forensic artist who reconstructs faces (specifically) from skulls and specializes in children. Its a "meh" series--kind of a combo mystery/romance.
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I just looked at the Amazon description and they don't mention the fact that the serial killer in this book takes his victims from one location (state) and buries them in others but I read this recently and that is his pattern--but that doesn't come out until later in the book.
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Response by poster: Awesome job, Agatha! Usually Novelist is kickass at helping me track books down by their plots, but the detail about the bone-scattering must have fallen under its radar.

Anyhow, the patron is happy to be reunited with the book she's been looking for. Thanks so much!
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The Church of Dead Girls by Stephen Dobyns?
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Crap, beaten to the punch (and wrong in any case....) :p
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Might seem a bit obvious, but isn't The Lovely Bones about a serial killer who kills a bunch of young girls in multiple states? It mainly focuses on one girl/family, but she meets many of the other victims throughout the book and you hear their stories.
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