I can't get this lady standing in her closet out of my head!
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I'm looking for a book or story I read about a Jewish baby who is thrown from a crowded train on its way to a concentration camp during the Holocaust. The baby was sick, and some passengers thought he/she had died. When his mother fell asleep, they threw the baby from the train. I think the book mainly focused on what happened to the baby after it was found near the train tracks, but I mainly remember the child's mother. After losing her baby, she took to standing in her closet, trying to recreate the feeling of being on that crowded train with her child.

I read this book/story within the last 10 years and believe it was fairly recently published at the time.

It was not a picture book. It was not After the Train.

Thanks so much if you can help!
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Erika's story?
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Response by poster: It's not Erika's Story (the book I remember wasn't a children's book). Thanks though!
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