YA Fiction book involving a kidnapped daughter?
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Help me find this YA fiction book wherein the president's daughter is kidnapped and ends up escaping.

I remember that she has to break the bones in her hand, particularly her thumb, to escape from being chained up in the cave/mine shaft (where she was left to die towards the end of the book).

I remember she starts getting some serious Stockholm Syndrome and shares a beer with one of her kidnappers, that one brings her some McDonalds type fast food, and that she was originally tied to a bed. I think they also broke one or both of her legs, but I could be confusing that with King's "Misery" for some reason.

And that it was set in "modern times", that being somewhere between 1980 and 1999, I think. There might also be "president" somewhere in the title. I remember the cover, at the time, had a Caucasian girl with long dark brown hair.

There might also be a sequel.
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Best answer: It was a sequel itself, and it is this book. It was originally published with a different cover.
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Best answer: Could it be Long Live the Queen from the President's Daughter series?
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Seconding Long Live the Queen, that's definitely it!
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Long Live the Queen, with zilch ambiguity. There is a sequel, Long May She Reign.
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I suspect that fans of this book may also like Peter Dickinson's alternate-history mystery-adventure with a young, female heroine, King and Joker.
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Response by poster: Omg, I really do adore the people of Metafilter. Y'all are like,
"Here's the exact book you asked for, the series it belongs to, and oh, hey, try this book as well!"
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