Help me geocode these addresses! (GIS filter)
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Why can't I geocode these specific addresses in ArcGIS 9.3? Specifically, I'm getting 0 matched addresses, and when I go to Interactive Rematch, the "Match" button is ghosted as soon as I click on a candidate, so I cannot manually match the addresses.

I created a basic spreadsheet in OpenOffice, with four columns: STREET, CITY, STATE, and ZIP. I created an Address Locator using US Streets with Zone, using a basic 2000 Census road file. (The addresses I'm trying to geocode did exist back then.)

I've got everything in "General" format in the address spreadsheet.

I've tried .xls, .dbf, and .csv file formats, all to no avail.

After all this, I still cannot manually match addresses.

Any help to lend? I'm more familiar with ArcGIS 9.2 than 9.3.
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I'll come back to this thread later if this suggestion doesn't work, but have you looked at this guide from ESRI? It discusses a couple different methods for manually rematching addresses.
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Response by poster: Thanks thisjax.

No luck. Using my own "demo" spreadsheet and a US Census road file, I only got to #9 of the "Finding an address interactively" section. I successfully made an address locator and added it under the Find dialogue box.

I typed in an address I know to be in my demo spreadsheet. I got a candidate that matched 100%, and when I right clicked on it, all options were ghosted except for two. "Add point" was not available.

I can't figure out what this means. It seems to acknowledge that I've got a good address in my spreadsheet, but it won't let me geocode it to a similar address in my address locator.

Similarly, under the "Rematch addresses" section, I get a whole list of potential candidates, but they do not highlight on the map and I cannot zoom in on them.

I know ArcGIS is a very "buggy" program and a very specific one . . . but this is sort of crazy. Any thoughts?
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