Meaning of "pochée" in context of japanese pattern book
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[JapaneseLanguageIdiomFilter] What might "Pochée" mean in the context of a japanese language sewing book?

I have recently become enamored of Japanese sewing pattern books. The title of this series is "Pochée" which is french for "poached."

I am trying to parse what this might mean in japanese culture! My guesses so far:

1. Nothing. The publishers and authors just liked the sound of it.

2. A slang for a certain type of style, like "twee."

3. Pregnant. Though none of the models look pregnant, the clothing styles are always loose enough to work for maternity and i could easily imagine some sort of cultural norm where it is more polite to speak in idiom, e.g. "bun in the oven" = "squishy yolk nugget of rich eggy goodness." Of course, maybe all the other cover type says "pregnant pregnant pregnant" and, not being a reader of japanese, this obvious fact escapes me.

Can anyone shed light on this for me? Thank you in advance!
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Best answer: Maybe it means this?
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Best answer: That word is generally used here for a little fabric purse...often with a drawstring closure...which I assume was someones attempt to fancy up (by co-opting the french accents) the word "pouch".

Said fabric purse can be filled with little things of great personal value, like lucky charms or the tools of a hobby (knitting needles, sewing notions) or more metaphorically, with the knowledge that applies to said hobby. "Sewing is my bag" is the best English equivalent to explain this usage, though as the title of a sewing magazine perhaps it is suggesting the pages themselves are full of information...just as that little pouch might be.
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Best answer: The meanings "pocketful" or "pocketed" (from poche "pocket") make more sense in a sewing context than "poached." They might just mean a "pocketful" of sewing tricks.
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Response by poster: thanks again, jstarlee, squasha and nangar! the past participle form was throwing me ... i didn't even think to look for noun-ish meanings. hivemind ftw!
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