The beautiful music of B2B commerce
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Business today is beautiful! Sprint is in here, Sprint is in there, Sprint is everywhere! This commercial aired every week this summer during Meet The Press and I miss it. I find myself getting disappointed and depressed during every Meet The Press commercial break now because I may never hear that wonderful song again. I’ve been unable to find it posted online anywhere, only message board & blog posts celebrating it (or sometimes wrongly suggesting it’s terrible.) I’d love to find a video of the commercial or an MP3 of the song.

Failing that, perhaps information about the firm that created the ad? Or maybe you’d like to record your own voice singing the song for me? Or perhaps hire the actors that performed in the ad to come to my house & perform it again as a singing telegram? Maybe you could remix it into a three minute long radio friendly single? You’ll make a mint and I could hear it in my car while driving the kids around—Oh happy day!
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CNN has run it almost every morning for the past six months, in case you can't find it elsewhere. Just tape the show that starts at 5am pacific time and it should show up within a few hours.

To me, it is a bad earworm, but to each his/her own.

Here is an article about the creation of the spot.
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Upon further review, Sprint has a site for it's commercials.

I don't use flash, so I don't know if the ads you want are there.
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It is not on that site of Sprint commercials. I also like it though, and it is indeed still on CNN, though not as frequent as it used to be.
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If you really want the ad, there's quicktime formats of that ad Sprint PCS - Business is Beautiful and the variation Sprint PCS - Cerner is Beautiful in the commercial archive. Thing is the archive needs 2 euros donation before you can access the collection of over twentythousand ads, but you'll have 30 days to persue the vast vaults of ads from all eras (oldest one is from 1958).
Full disclosure, the archive is built by me and other adgeeks a research resource.
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I thought I was the only one who liked that jingle
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