whats out there that bests prodocs legal document assembly?
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What's better than Prodocs for Texas attorneys? I have heard about hotdocs but don't have any forms ready that I'd like to automate. Who provides ready-made legal forms in different areas of texas law that are compatible with hotdocs? If you used to use prodocs and stopped or switched--how do you do things differently now? Thanks yall
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If you don't get a good answer here, you might try the ABA's mailing list for solo practitioners, solosez. It's a great resource for questions like this.
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What kind of law?

HotDocs/WealthDocs are a pain in the neck, even if you have a full time person to do the coding and tweaking required to keep them working.

I have had much better success with US Courtforms (Forms Workflow). I believe you can either get a subscription with unlimited forms, or buy them by the form.

MeMail me if you want specifics.
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Response by poster: @Sheppagus: I practice "threshold" law -- if it crosses my threshold and has merit, I'll look at it. So, family, criminal, and civil lit.

I looked at US Courtforms and it looks great for the price but may not have enough pleadings and discovery forms that I would like.

@Katemonster - thank you for the link! I signed up today.
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